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We receive thousands of emails and letters a month, too many to post. Here are some for you to read!


Thank you for the email recommendations. It really helps my skin. Thank you!

Linda B


Always grateful for your great products and service!

Joy T


Love this product (Microdermabrasion)! Merry Christmas to you guys!!

Myra A


great products, better than any other mineral product I have been given to try and they always fail to sway me over

Dawn T


Thank you for the coupons! Happy Thanksgiving

Alecia K


Have been ordering for several years now. Great Products!


Been Ordering for years! Love your products!

Sue F


Because of your products I wear very little makeup and always get compliments on my skin. I have referred many people to your website.



Thanks as always!

Sue G


Hi Linda, I have moved to Austin, TX. I saw for the first time a nice biography of you on the site. I very much liked reading about you, and it makes me feel very good to support your business! Kind regards, Susan

Susan C


as always-love your products and service!

Joy T


Have been a customer for many years!

Myra G


Have been using your products for years!



I am a prior customer! Love your products!



Have been ordering from you for years.
Your mineral makeup is the best --- smells the best, feels the best, and looks the best. Better than the stores.

Catherine H


This sponge is the best!

Lois D


I have been purchsing this cream for a long time and I love it!



Hi Its Julie. We spoke back in March when it was snowing up here. Hope you are well. I started using the Herbal Mositure Creme you use and I love it. I use it along with Face Firming Complex cream.
Take care!



This is my second order of your skin products and I am pleased with its skin toning and improvements!



Thank you for your help!



Love using this cleanser (glycolic gentle gel)



Glad for your response to my inquiry - Products not tested on Animals and will never carry ones that are!



Just love the combination of these two products (pro med eye and face cremes)



Love this product!! (Microderm)



Love your products!



I already use your products and love them!



Im a prior customer-love your products and your website!!




alecia K


Using my birthday coupon today. Thank you!



I have been using these products for about 10 years and love them (gel cleanser and Microderm)

Carol J


Love this product (wrinkle relaxing creme)



I have rosacea and have been using this product for many years. First saw it on an infomercial. Love it!!

Vicki R


Love your makeup

Deborah N


Love your products

Diane C


I have used your products previously with great success. Thanks Bunches!

Christine A


I have used your products for years. Thank You

Sharon h


Love your products - have used for years and have told many others who have Rosacea about them!

Joy T


Love this mineral makeup. Looks so natural and has good coverage as well.

Deborah H


Love you guys!!!!

Ann W


Have used this product (willowherb) for years now

Sharon h


Service and products are very good

Mary B


I love your products for my sensitive skin!

Kristin S


Best products for my sensitive skin

Elizabeth C


I have used this product for over 15 years & am still happy with it. Thanks for making a consistently great product.

Robin D


My best friend loves your offers so now you have me ordering.....

Ivylle A


Customer for a long time. Your products are great and I am very pleased with them.

Nancy Y


Customer since 2002

Linda D


I"ve been using Skin Rx Clinic for 8 Years now

Robbin S


Love your mineral powder!

Merry F


Always a Pleasure doing business with you. Happy Holidays!

Leah D



I wanted to thank you for sending the free brush set with my order, even though the deal had expired by one day. I was disappointed when I read the e-mail about the promo and realized I was too late. You obviously take care of your loyal customers, and I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate that. I will be a customer for as long as you are in business!

With sincere gratitude,

Pamela C


Love your Stuff!!

Dianna S


Thank you for your birthday coupon. I have been your customer for many years.....everyone remarks about my good complexion and I give them your website.

Myra G


Love your products

Gail B


Absolutely love your products

Donna M


Love your products and great service! Tell people about them all the time :)

Joy T


Have been a repeat customer for years. Love this product. My skin looks great and people who know my age always comment how good my skin looks

Harriet S


Have been using products for years. Really like them.

Carolyn B


I Have ordered these products for years. Just love them

Sarah P

02/24/2015 - Mineral Secrets

We have been selling Mineral Secrets here at the spa for 6 years. I was using the product before buying the spa with my business partner and told her hands that THIS was the makeup we needed to offer at the spa!

Donna K


Love your products and the ease of ordering your fabulous products

Julie F


I always buy from your website.



THANKS FOR THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!! (20% off coupon for your birthday, if you sign up)



love you guys!

Virginia B


love the foundation (liquid mineral makeup) perfect skin match...

Carol M


I have been using this cream (peptide wrinkle relaxing) for several years and I love it.

Harriet S


If you have samples for light skin, combination, or sensitive skin please send. We love to try new products. We love your skin care line. I"ve used you for years and now both my daughters do as well. Thanks for great products!

Traci A


This will fit nicely into my skin care routine! (gylcolacti Toner) Anxious to try it.
Thank you Linda! You have been wonderful to work with. I love Skinrxclinic products. I have been ordering from your site for over 20 years. I turn 55 this month and people never believe me, all thanks to your awesome products!!!



another year past-thanks for the great products! you keep me looking young..just like i feel. ( :

Marianne B


as always, thank you for the great products

Joy T


I love your products. Thank you for having such straightforward shipping and pricing. This is one of the many things that set you apart from other skin care companies/sites. You keep it simple and don"t try to rope customers into a plan of auto shipments.

Ann B


I love this cleaner! Thanks Linny, for helping me find it (arnica Facial wash)

Lee B


Thank you! I love your stuff, and have been ordering for years!

Beth W


I love these products! (Skin Rosacea Kit)

Karen D


As always, love you guys, your products and customer service! A forever customer here! I hope to try out some new products with my next order.

Robin S


A happy returning customer!

Nicholas S


Thank you for the birthday coupon. I don"t wear much makeup...only yours!

Myra G


i think I did a search before mineral makeup became well-known and yours is still the best
i have tried several brands of mineral makeup and always come back to SkinRXClinic

Laurna B


I first found your product at my doctor"s office and then decided to look online and found you
I"ve been shopping with you for many many years



I love your products, and appreciate the fast delivery and no shipping costs.

Nancy M


Been using this product for years and love it. (peptide wrinkle relaxing creme)

Harriet S


love your products and your service!

Joy T


I already bought one of these and my daughter tried it and loved it and took it! Gotta buy another one for me!! (pro med retinol eye)



You sell good products. Looking forward to trying this one!! Thanks!! (pro med)



I have ordered from you before. Products are wonderful (microderm peel kit and Glyco Toner)

Annette C


Thank you so much for your excellent products and customer service. (AHA/BHA; Micro and Willowherb)




Faye M


I have been very pleased with the quality and service of my previous orders. (hylauronic ampoules)

Nancy M


A friend used this on me and I was very impressed with the results.. (30% Glycolic peel)

Julie F


Like the natural ingredients

Barbara W


I have used your company for years



Have tried your peel. Love it. Wish I could get some samples if possible (samples were sent)

Ophies skin care


I have used glycolic gel peels. I searched for a stronger solution and found your web site. Purchased 60% glycolic

Lucille K


We have been selling Mineral Secrets here at the spa for 6 years. I was using the product before buying the spa with my business partner and told her that THIS was the makeup we needed to offer at the spa

Simple Rewards


Have used this cream before and love it (peptide wrinkle relaxing creme)

Harriet J


Luvin\" ya\" for decades now !!! Keep up the good work ! ;-)



Hello, again. I purchased this item (vitalk K) from you through Amazon last time, but I figured I would go right to the source this time! Thanks for the last order!

Kathleen M


Been using your mineral bases for YEARS ! LOVE "EM !!! (ultra sensitive finishing powder)

Lori A


I have been using this product for years (microdermabrasion). It lasts a long time. I am buying this for my niece who wants to make sure her skin looks as good as mine (age 70). Please include a sample treat for her.

Susan G


Love your Products!



Great Products

Jajuana W


Customer for 12 years, formerly lived in Florida. I love Skin Rx Products.

Linda D


Love your products!

Kathleen P


Love your products (purchases ultra sensitive mineral base)

Janene I


Used this product for years. (loose mineral base)

Sheila K


I love the variety of your products. I also love the fact that you make it affordable for everyone to buy. Keep up the good work, it is definitely appreciated.

Diane Q


I love your products!! AND your wonderful customer service!

Debra P


Found you on line years ago, and keep coming back!

Lisa H


Love your products! Thank you for the discount. I was laid-off from my job last month but thanks to your skin-care line, I am still looking refreshed for interviews :)

Joy T


I have used this product for years and love it. (liquid mineral powder base)

Joyce L


I"ve ordered before. Love your products. Thank you

Carolyn B


Great Prices!

Lisa M


Great results as I look 20 years younger. Licensed Cosmetologist.

Summerlee S


Your products as well as your customer service are the best!

Alan L


Thanks for the Birthday Coupon!!



Hi- I"ve been ordering from your company for a little while now. Love your products! No complaints at all



Love the products - been using them for years!

Lois D


Love your Products!

Loretta S


I have used your products for 10 years. LOVE THEM!

Linda S


My mom received her package, Thank you so much for your help with this order. I really appreciate it and the Halloween Bag was very cute.

Shelley S


Love, Love, your products. Whatever I order, especially for \"SPECIFIC\" reasons never let me down. I am so pleased that I found your website. I also love the fact that there is always a huge percentage off the products I use. People do not believe that I am 68yrs. old. heck I don"t believe it myself!

Diane Q


I absolutely love your products. I have been a customer for at least five years. My skin is very sensitive and whatever I use from your company it adapts amazingly well for my skin type. I hope you continue to make fantastic and natural products forever!

Faith B


Love your products and your pricing. Free Shipping is great too!

Beverlee E


Mineral Secrets-I have been buying since the beginning!

Lauren S


Thank you for the discounts and the free shipping. They help our family especially this time of year with gifts

Chirs D


I have been using your products for about 10 years and nothing else compares especially the porcelain finish

Dawn T


Been using this product (eye bright antipuffiness gel) for over a year and love it!

Shelli N


Love the products and really look forward to discounts on products i currently use.

Diane P


I have been a long time customer and Arnica Facial Wash and Hydra-Essence Toner are the Best!

sherry c


Your products are great - I have been using them for two years

Gayle H


Best Mineral Makeup I"ve found! You guys are great!

Mari S


I love your products, just ordered some of the new aging products again and love them!



your products as well as your customer service are the best!

Evelyn L


Love your products and quick delivery and FREE shipping!



Love your products!

Carrie M


Hi-thanks so much for remembering. Thanks also for the little "extra". Your products truly do feel better - and smell better. I prefer Mineral Secrets to all the others I have tried, especially more than the drug store products! I"m really not sure about their quality as much as I am about your products. thank you

catherine H


Have been a previous customer - Love this Product (wrinkle relaxing crème)

Harriet S


vital K ampoules - It is Helping me a Lot !!!

Astrid B


Love Love Love your products. Have been using them for over 7 years now!

Michele C


I have been using your products for about a year. I am going to be 68 next month. Go to facebook and look at my picture, you will be surprised

Diane Q


I have ordered from you for years. Yours is the only makeup I can use with my Rosacea

Eliz C


You have the best products! Have liked you on facebook.



Long time customer. Love your pressed base and eyeshadows-you have the best products and colors!

Karen M


Thank you for my birthday coupon. I love the face wash and the toner. Have been a long-time customer. I do have Rosacea, but because of using your products my dermatologist says I
look like I have never had it. How"s that for a testimony. I have never
done any of the peels or facials, but the Arnica and Hydra-Essence and the mineral makeup have done wonders.



Hi Linda. Thanks for your reply! Yes, sending me the compact tomorrow will be fine.

I appreciate how well you take care of your customers. :-)

Have a great day!



Thanks so much, I appreciate it! I"ve been ordering from you guys for years and really love the quality of your products, the fast delivery, and the presentation of your items (love the purple bags!). You Guys Rock!



Love your pressed base and eyeshadows. You have the best colors and quality products!



This month marks my 11th year anniversary as a Skin Rx customer and I would like to say Thank You for such great products!



I am a license aesthetics instructor in AZ. We have been looking for a reasonably priced prep solution for our training clinic. Tried this in July 2012 and Love it! Do peel-training with it. Now ordering two more from you!



I am a Very Satisfied Customer! I tried the microdermabrasion peel on myself and a number of my clients with fantastic results....Awesome product!

Skin by S


Your Products are the Best! Even my daughters are Hooked!



Thank You! The salicylic acid peels really help with my acne.



I like the pretty fabric bags you send the makeup in. It adds elegrance to my purchase. Thank you!



I really like your products. I find they work as reported and the coupons are fantastic! The product arrives quickly which I like. The variation of types of products are amazing. It is a great place for women or men to find what they need.

D Quilghini


I have been ordering products from you for years now and just love Skin RX Clinic! Thanks for keeping the general population beautiful and healthy! Big xoxo out there!



I am a long time customer and use no other cleansing/toner except Arnica Facial Wash and Hydra Essence Toner. It has kept my Rosacea under such good control, my dermatologist says I dont look like I have it anymore and my breakouts are rare. Thanks for these great products!



Linda, Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry, The good news is that my order did arrive in time for me to take it on my trip, which made me very happy!

Thank you again for taking care of my problem, as I said before I really love the products and will continue to use them.


05/31/2012 - Love This Product

LOVE this product. THANK YOU for bringing such a high quality microdermabrasion product to the general public at such an awesome price! keep it up! =)



I wanted to thank you again for your excellent customer service. I appreciate how you went above and beyond in ensuring I received my order, which I did thanks to you! I look forward to ordering from you again.

Andrea T


I have ordered from you in the past. I absolutely agree with your statement about how many mineral products are on the market. I always wait until the last minute to order and go out looking for something to hold me over. There is nothing comparable with this mineral foundation!! If I had a store, I"d sell your products!

Lori W


Love your products! My teenage daughter and I have really seen tremendous results in the clarity and texture of our skin. Thanks so Much!

Melissa B


I have used you now for several years and would not get my makeup any where else!

Susie G

10/26/2011 - Ultra Sensitive

Have been Using your ultra sensitive products for years - very helpful product for sensitive/rosacea skin. The best I have ever used. Had so many problems with other makeup that I tried, but not any more! Thank you so much and don"t ever stop helping people!


11/02/2011 - Thanks

I have been using this stuff for years! Thanks SkinRXclinic. :-)


11/04/2011 - Love Em!

Thank you for your wonderful products. I have been using the same ones for several years. LOVE "EM!!!


11/05/2011 - Love It

Love all the products that I have tried. Thank You!


11/14/2011 - Awesome

Awesome products!! They do wonders for my face and skin!!


08/15/2011 - do not know why i stopped using your products

I wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful products!! I have a confession to make. I started using your products a number of years ago..namely the micro dermabrasion and the skin recovery creme along with the proactiv solution I was already using. I have suffered with cystic acne since I was about 12yrs old. Nothing ever worked for me. I started using proactiv around 1996 and noticed some improvement, and underwent a glycolic peel which yielded a greater improvement,but still continued to be troubled by the cysts. Then I discovered your site and products. I had been using them for some time, but noticed last year that my cystic acne seemed to take a turn for the worse and the proactiv seemed to have stopped working. I don"t know why, maybe because i am now about to turn 50. At any rate I was talked into trying another face creme which seemed good for a while but eventually also was not fact I believe it just contributed to the problem I was now experiencing. I did some research as I was becoming very desperate as each breakout was producing scars even if I did not touch it. I started supplementing with tumeric and pantothenic acid (b vitamins) and it seemed to help ALOT! The cysts seem to have diminished greatly..I hardly ever get them but have developed something called malia which are small cysts which is something babies get. So I started to research that and to my surprise, the best treatment is microdermabrasion!! Why I EVER tried any other products is beyond reasoning, but when I use your microdermabrasion very gently about 3 times a week it has helped enormously!! I combine is with a salcylic acid soap and i am so happy with the results! Also the skin recovery creme is the is so light and feels so good on my skin. I will NEVER let anyone talk me into any other skin care products again. I cannot thank you enough, and I am sorry I strayed from using your products, even though I had the answer in my possession the whole time. Thanks again Laurie

Laurie O


Let me tell you something...I work as a personal trainer and I only use your products...I don"t wear
makeup on my face just the recovery creme and your aqua creme for eyes and your mascara!!!!!!! Thats it!!!! If I go anywhere special I just put on a little of the mineral face powder, but usually no makeup!!!!! Love Love Love!!!



I just LOVE your products! Use skin care and makeup! Don"t ever go out of business!



thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. now i understand. i think i"ll just use a cleanser to "neutralize". thank you for backing your products and their delivery. great customer service!


comments: Thank you so much for swapping out the tweezers for the brush. I really like the brush, it is so soft and well made. I love your products and I will use them for every skin problem I have. Thanks again. Diane



Thanks for your speedy reply. I have ordered a number of products, and love them all! And the service is great as well!



Thanks Linda! I love your products, so thanks for the email to remind me and the coupon was a nice surprise as well! Happy 4th!



Yes it will, thanks Linda and have a great day. I love your customer service



Received the order today; thanks so much for the tote bag! It is great! Also love the little pink bags; handy for traveling!

Love your products; thanks for your great service.





I actually just told a bunch of friends about a few products earlier today and how I swear by them ... They were all interested in the microdermabrasion. I"ll pass the coupon along. Thank you.



comments: I just received my package today and wanted to say THANK YOU for the extra gift! I also wanted to thank you for making such great products. The mineral base has been a much loved staple for me for almost nine years now! Whenever I get compliments on my skin I give your products all the credit.



I am very happy with my order. I did the Glycolic peel with my fellow esthetician today and the results were amazing. I also enjoyed the brush set, I am referring you to my friends as I am very pleased. Thank you.



Your sincerity and honesty is refreshing, the fact that you wanted to help by sending it all together lets me know you did this with the best intentions - instead of just throwing products in a package, you think of people who order the products...that is very rare these days.

I love my moisturizers! They"re great!

Thanks again for your willingness to help. Take care.

Patty F.


I have ordered the Mineral base for years now, but with this order, I"m excited to try several new products! Please don"t ever stop selling Mineral Secrets, and don"t ever change the formula! Thanks again!

Sharon, NH

- 11/21/2010

Love your peels, this is by far the best salicylic acid peel. Thanks for my clear skin!

Marjorie K.


Wish I had tried Mineral Secrets finishing powder sooner. It is absolutely fabulous. Makes my Mineral Secrets base go on so smooth. I"ve been using Mineral Secrets for about 4 years now; it is truly the best out there. Everything I have ever tried from this company is awesome!

Sharon S.



Venita T.


I can’t thank you enough! Not only for this particular “situation” – but for your products! I have told SO many people about you! 6 years ago, out of the blue, I began to have skin-trouble. It became SO bad that even water would make it burn, itch and turn bright red. The dermatologist diagnosed Rosacea and tried several different treatments and nothing helped. I was busy trying to identify foods that could be an issue. Bottom-line is, I started doing my own research on the Internet and found you. The Arnica Face Wash was a LIFESAVER! And the Vita K Ampoules worked wonders on my face AND scalp. Once my skin became healthy again, I found that I could wear the mineral make-up without issue so thank God – I can wear makeup again! I am a dedicated customer!

Joy T.


Thank you so much. You all are so sweet to work with me on these orders. I continue to love Skin Rx products, both face care and makeup, and what it has done for my skin.

Many thanks for your help and patience!

Amy F.


I decided to brag on my skin care and makeup. I am 71 years old and I have a friend who is always asking people how old they think I am. I get anywhere from 40"s to early 60"s. I always tell them about Skin Rx Clinic and Mineral Secrets. Just thought you"d like to hear about the compliments the products garner.

Sherry C


I never thought I would stray away from the Bare Minerals loose mineral base but Mineral Secrets liquid mineral foundation is soooo natural looking it does not even look like I am wearing any makeup!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!

Carla, NJ


Someone I work with visits your blog quite often and suggested that I check it out. The writing style is solid and the content is pertinent. Thank you for the insight you provide the readers!

Kristen L.


It is nice to know Skin Rx Clinic is not just a website. It really put my mind at ease being able to talk to live person. Not only did she answer my questions, she knew what she was talking about too!

Mary, WA


I think a lot of people freak out when the “burn” sets in, even more so when they have never done it at home before. Thanks for showing everyone that sometimes you have to get a little red/peeling to get what you want in the end. My skin has never looked better, Thanks!

Michelle, NY


I have been using the double loop extractor since the 1970’s. I had terrible acne as a teenager and continued mild acne as an adult and this has been a great tool. As advertised it creates no bruising and removes the extra oil around my nose and between my eyebrows by just running it over the skin. I use it regularly and love it. I want one for my niece (the next generation).

Fran, KY


Loving the products thanks for all your keen advice/ looking forward to reverse aging!

Shiri, LA


Omg a few mornings a week, after I wash, I put on the Glycolic 15% as you suggested -
It burned like crazy (but I was prepared for it after talking with you) and sometimes I can get it to stay for 5 minutes and other times I have to rinse it off after three minutes. But you weren"t lying when you said my skin would look and feel softer and smooth! Yes, in just 10 days, my skin is softer ! ! So thank you!



I must say I have had oily, acne skin my whole life. Powder doesn"t give me enough coverage to hide my scars and liquid always feels heavy and causes my skin to breakout more! I can not thank you enough for introducing me to Mineral Secrets Liquid Foundation! I have never felt or worn anything like it! It is a truly unique product and I will be a customer for life! Thank you so much for your advice and all of your help Tara, your knowledge and understanding of skin is truly unbelievable! I will be passing your name and website on to everyone I know!!

Thanks Mineral Secrets & Skin Rx Clinic!

Kathy, NY


Thank you so much for all the notes showing me what to apply morning and night - you are so helpful. I am already telling my friends.

Norma, VA


Willowherb Soothing Serum!!! Love, Love this product! Thanks

Sharon H, UT


REGARDING: Microdermabrasion FAQ & QUESTION: What make-up should I be using and what steps should I take to get clear up my skin? I have acne prone skin so using things like liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer only makes my breakouts much worse. I need a skin clearing mineral foundation that could also be used as a concealer. Also How can I get clear healthy skin? I don’t want to wear a lot of make up when I go but I have a few scars too. What is your advice to get clear healthy skin

Awesome post! Thank you for sharing this information. It really got under my skin bookmarked… Keep up the good site…and information!!

Mary, CA


REGARDING: Jessner Acid “At Home” Chemical Skin Peel

The precious info you provided has been a tremendous help! Thanks.

Sarah B.


Thank you so much. Your products are fabulous but equally important is your ongoing commitment to your customers and understanding the true meaning of customer service. You are the best! Have a great day.

A Long Time VERY Satisfied Customer!

Evelyn L, OH


I love your products, my skin has never looked better even though it is aging....aging with good products though. Thanks

Penny S, CO

REGARDING: "60% Glycolic Acid "At Home" Chemical Skin Peel" BLOG

Great journey and experience! You have inspired me to try a Glycolic peel! I cant wait!

Beth, PA


REGARDING: "Jessner Acid "At Home" Chemical Skin Peel" BLOG

I don"t usually respond to posts but I will in this case. Seriously a big thumbs up for this one

Megan S.

REGARDING: "Jessner Acid "At Home" Chemical Skin Peel" BLOG

Nice content. Thank you for your information. Extremely informative.

Jenn, NY


REGARDING: "Jessner Acid "At Home" Chemical Skin Peel" BLOG

wonderful share, great article, very useful for me...Thanks

Amy B., FL


REGARDING: "Jessner Acid "At Home" Chemical Skin Peel" BLOG

Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed the report. I"ve already bookmark this article.

Sam, GA


REGARDING: "Jessner Acid "At Home" Chemical Skin Peel" BLOG

This article is very useful for me...thank you

Erin P.


REGARDING: "Jessner Acid "At Home" Chemical Skin Peel" BLOG

nice to be here.... thanks for share, GREAT INFO!

Jim, CA


REGARDING: ""Jessner Acid "At Home" Chemical Skin Peel" BLOG

Thanks for this blog! I just did my first Jessner peel and think the results will be positive. I hadn"t worked all the way up above a 20% glycolic but the Jessner at 20% seems like it is the right fit. We"ll see as the days progress.



Dear Tara;
I am writing this to you so your clients DO NOT GIVE UP!!! So let me start from the beginning. 3 years ago I noticed my skin changing even though I have always used expensive/good products, 2 years ago I noticed it was getting worse and 1 year ago I just could not deal with the changes. By that time I had large poors on the apples of my cheeks, age spots all over but expecially on my forhead, cheeks, and around my mouth, uneven skin tone all over, little red blood vessels on my cheeks, yellow skin like I had jondice, little white hairs all over my face, and deep set wrinkles. I went to work to correct everything (even though I had always taken care of my skin), I used to tan alot in the summer. I tried every product on the market with the help of very nice sales people including Este Lauder, Lancome, Clinique, Arbonne, Merle Norman, Mac, Avon, and even natural products like cucumber, and lemon juice. NOTHING WORKED, everything slightly helped but nothing worked. I used peels, micorderm abrasion, serums, vitamins and moisturizers. In a two month period I spent over 700.00 dollars for kits that was guaranteed to help. Also I stayed with these products and faithfully used them for no less than 3 months each. I was just on the verge of plastic surgery, injections, and skin bleaching. THEN I FOUND TARA......Tara worked with me over the phone and she addressed one problem at a time, reminding me that my skin did not get in bad shape overnight and I will not see miracles overnight, but in time if I didn"t give up I would get results. I followed step by step exactly as Tara instructed. Let me tell you it was not easy as my skin went from no results (because of the build up of dead skin) to dark patches all over. I could not get it to hold moisture, and it became dry, more wrinkled, and I got scared. 4 weeks into working with Tara I almost gave up but Tara calmed my nerves and step by step she worked through each issue. I can honestly say that after weeks of working with Tara I now have to say my skin has improved at least 70% above what it was. Each week she would work with me to get the right moisturizer (sampled every moisturizer she had) until we found the right one. The brown patches were dead skin and finally fell off (at least 3 layers). My age spots are diminishing, my eyes no longer are dark, wrinkled, and puffy. My eyes look like I am 35 instead of going on 50. My pores are 1/2 the size they were and still improving. The little white hairs are starting to disappear and best of all my skin is no longer yellow! The deep bedded cyst I had on my chin fell off and my wrinkles are starting to improve. If you ask me this is a miracle not an overnight miracle but a miracle and I"ll graciously take it!
So this is to all of you who want to give up or get the products and do it your way. Follow Tara"s directions, she is not a sales person, she is an educated skin care specialist. If you needed a heart transplant would you trust your neighborhood pharmacist? Same thing with your skin, you can either trust your neighborhood counter/sales clerk or a skin specialist. I spent thousands of dollars trusting that sales person with no results. Tara will work with you step by step and build you up to where you need to be so you don"t damage your skin any further. Please remember it is a process and my skin got worse before it got better.

Shobi, Poconos, PA


I have been a loyal Bare Essentials customer for several years now, and I just want to say after finding Mineral Secrets I don"t know how I ever wore the Bare Essentials! Mineral Secrets is light weight, offers better coverage, and doesn"t leave a gray tint to the skin like Bare Essentials does! You have made a believer out of me and I am now a Loyal Mineral Secrets customer! Thank you Mineral Secrets for opening my eyes!

Linda S, CA


Thank you so much Tara! I love your products and you are always very kind and accommodating. I would have given up on Mineral make up all together if I didn’t find Mineral Secrets!

Susan D.


Thank you for all of your advice. I truly never thought there was hope for my skin until I found Skin Rx Clinic. It wasn’t over night but I do see an improvement! Thanks!

Keri, CA


Hi Tara
I just want to tell you the products work great! You said I wouldn’t be disappointed and for the first time I wasn’t! Thank you for your honesty.

Kim L., MA


Your Microdermabrasion Peel is a miracle in a jar. There has never been a product that has worked so well at removing my blackheads! I’m a customer for life.

Sharon P, KY


Tara, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to talk with me. You really helped me understand what Peel was right for me and how to properly perform the peel at home. I have decided to follow your advice and start with the 30% Glycolic Acid Peel and work my way up to the 50%. It is good to know there is someone to call if I have these types of questions.

Amy C., NY


I have very dry skin and even though I loved the idea of the mineral makeup, seconds after I put it on you could see ever wrinkle and crease on my face. I was doing some research about mineral powder and I came across the Mineral Secrets website. After calling the esthetician number on the website I was advised to try your Liquid Mineral Foundation. I had never heard of such a thing before but the esthetician seemed to know her information and believed strongly in the product. I have been using the Mineral Secrets Liquid Mineral Foundation for about a year now and I don’t know how I ever lived without it! Thank you Mineral Secrets!

Tami D., TX


I would like to say thank you for offering such an amazing product. My skin was in pretty bad shape. I had multiple issues to address, wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars you name it I had it. I had all but given up when I heard from a friend how Glycolic Acid could help me with all these issues. I was disappointed to find out how expensive the treatments were and how many I was going to have to perform before I would start to see results. Before I got completely discouraged I decided to do some research on Glycolic Acid and I found that I could do at home treatments and I didn’t have to go to the doctor. Once I found Skin Rx Clinic’s website I noticed they had a number you could call to talk to an esthetician. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and concerned about helping me. She went though all my options and helped me pick the right products for my specific problems. Needless to say I followed her advice and she was right. Its not perfect but the improvement so far is amazing!
Thanks Skin Rx Clinic,

Rachael, NY


I was a sun lover for most of my life. It wasn’t until I got older that the sun spots started to appear. They weren’t only on my face but my arms and back too. I was extremely self-conscious about them and they just got worse and worse over time. A friend of mine told me about your website She uses your Glycolic Acid Peels, I called the customer service number and the esthetician knew exactly what I was talking about and immediately offered solutions! That’s great service, Thanks

Patty N, San Diego


Mineral Secrets is the best Mineral makeup I have ever used! You are the only company that offers an Ultra Sensitive mineral makeup, and it is the only makeup I can wear! Thank you for not leaving me barefaced!

Megan R.


Your products are superior and always arrive on time in perfect condition! You have a loyal customer for life.

Sandy, CA


I am 38 and just found out I have Rosacea. I have tried everything to get it to go away. I was doing some research when I came across your site and found RosaPlex, a product specifically formulated for people who suffer from Rosacea. I have been living with this problem most of my life and after the first week I saw a difference! Thanks!

Betty, CO


Ever since I could remember I have had dark circles under my eyes. I had all but given up when I came across your website. With so many different products to choose from I was a little overwhelmed. Then I saw that you could call and talk to an esthetician. So I figured why not. Turned out to be the best call I could have made. Not only did she know what products would best address my dirk circles she also provided me with tips and tricks that will help diminish the darkness. But above all she helped me understand what the source of the problem was! I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me and not just trying to sell me another product that won’t work!

Michelle K.


I have to tell you the 15% Glycolic Smoothing Gel has helped me tremendously. I don’t know how you do it, but please don’t stop!

Kevin, NY


Thank you so much for adding the pressure seal lids to the Microdermabrasion Peel. I use to have leakage every time the product arrived. I haven’t had a single problem since the new pressure sealed lids! Thank you for taking care of your customers.

Carolynn, WA


Thank you for your customer service line. It makes all the difference knowing there is someone to talk to who knows what they are talking about! You cannot get service like this at a retail store!

Faith R., VA


THANK YOU FOR AWESOME PRODUCTS. Have shared your site with everyone that I am doing business with - beautiful skin is so important.

M. Peterson, Somerset MA


I love your products! They are the only products I get results with. I even have my Mom using them, and she has very sensitive skin and is allergic to many brands found at department stores. Thank You for offering such wonderful products!

B. Schmitz


I"m so happy you have customer service now! Yay!!!!! It's awesome!

Amber M., Payson AZ


Thanks for the great products. I now have reliable products from a great company. Keep up the GREAT work!

B. Schmitz


Hey Ladies,
Before you read any other testimonial here you MUST read this. I have always had perfect skin. Of course the occasional pimple but otherwise pretty good. Once I turned 37 I discovered I had rosacea. Oh my god I completely freaked out which obviously sets it off worse. I tried 100's of make-up's, no joke, from Avon to Neiman Marcus and nothing worked. I was devastated. We all know how important our appearance is to us. Some how I came across this site and thought well lets give it a try---- no talc,no bismuth. This has been a god send to me. I feel so blessed to have found it, now I am just afraid it will get discontinued. Ladies lets help get this out there on the market. It is WAY better than Bare Essentials and should be out there to buy. We can't let this get discontinued. And the customer service rep Michelle, she is wonderful, caring and so helpful, so hopefully you will deal with her when you buy this stuff. Best of luck to you all.
Sincerely, Racheal Quigley

Racheal Quigley, NV


Hi Michelle,

I just placed my third order with you! ( Sunday ) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those ampoules! My skin looks awesome!!!! This time of year I really need them!!!! WOW! Thanks. I am also trying the Arnica Face Wash in this order..we"ll see how that works out! Thanks for all your help! I cant wait for my items! Those ampoules go a LONG WAY!!!!!! They"ll last quite a while for me, at least through winter!! YAY!

Take care!!!!!


Beatrice, Exeter, NH


Thank you very much for your kind assistance. I really appreciate all the extra effort you put into my order. This is why I am your loyal customer. Thank you again.

Gretta Wagner


I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the skin rx clinic products and will continue to religiously use and recommend them. Thank you again for your response and the very helpful information. You have a wonderful day too! Maribel

Maribel B.


I just want to let you know how much I love your make up. It has transformed my complexion. I have rosacea and no make up has ever completely covered it without looking fake or overly made up. The airbrushed, flawless look is absolutely beautiful. I will be a faithful customer for life!
Thank you, Kelly Gerhart

Kelly Gerhart


Thank you very much for the confirmation and for UPS shipping info. I really like that you are sending the shipping confirmation now.

Kristin Smith


Thank you for helping me with the gift certificate problem. I just want to say that I have never done business with a company that is so kind and understanding. If there was someplace I could nominate you for the "Business Award of the Year".....I would. Thanks!

Sam Lee


Thank you. I received the package on 10/24/07 as you predicted below.
I appreciate the samples and the quick response to my emails. Nice to work with a company that is responsive!

Sheryl Wood


Thank you for your excellent service!

Evelyn Thom


I love your products, my skin has never looked so good. And thank you so much for great Customer Service!

Melinda F


thanks for such great customer service!



I just received my first ever order from you last week and I LOVE your products! And that is saying a lot as I have tried many different things for my acne prone skin.

I have had acne since I was in Jr. High. Needless to say I am now 32 and still have break outs (I thought this would be over with)and skin discoloration from scarring. After doing some research I ordered your 15% glycolic peel, minerals secrets make up, D20 Hydration Spritz and Face Firming Complex. Already my skin is glowing (after barely a week) and my acne is clearing quickly. I have tried everything out there for my face. Pro activ and other products like it, prescriptions from the dermatologist. None of them worked like your products are.

I have also tried various mineral makeup"s, the last one being Bare Escentuals. I wanted something that wouldn"t further clog my pores but the other mineral make ups that I tried before yours would make me very shiny and would illuminate my breakouts instead of disguise them. Your Mineral Secrets makeup is not shiny, it doesn"t make me itch and it lasts all day without settling into the fine lines I am now getting in my 30"s and I am glowing!

Thank you so much for your wonderful products. I have just placed an for your microderm abrasion kit and a few other items. I can"t wait to get them. I really should take before and after photos as the transformation is already amazing.

I am already recommending your products to everyone. Sorry but your secret is out of the bag!

A fresh face from Idaho


I love it. Very nice. Thanks for the follow up. I will reordering soon.



I really love your products and will continue to use them. Thanks so much for all your help, I really do appreciate it.



Thank you very much for the fast service. I was so surprised when the UPS truck arrived again today with the Arnica Face wash. I really appreciate your prompt attention and excellent customer service! I already know that I enjoy your products, and am glad to see that your customer service is equally as satisfying.

Thank you,
Kristin Smith


I appreciate your prompt reply and shipment. Great customer service and products!

Terri O


I purchased the 40% glycolic peel kit and I want to tell you it is the best there is on the market!! Big difference in my skin; but I have a question, can I put the 40% on my neck and decolette? Please advise. I love your cosmetics, too!!!



You have made my day! I have ordered from you for almost 5 years with NO problems. At 56, my skin has never looked better! Thank you again for your response AND for your amazing products especially the face firming complex and the bio peptide serum.

Evelyn Lewis


Love your site !!

Kara Haggar


I wanted to say how much I love your store too:) I"m going to Esthetic"s school at the moment and I plan on ordering from you guys frequently in the future.

Ashley Conklin


I do absolutely love all of your products and no longer purchase my skincare products from anyone or anywhere else!

Evelyn Lewis


What great customer service! If only all companies could be this good. Appreciate your help!



I have been using the 30% peel and can tell a difference!

thank you,


I am a 52 year old woman who, for about the last 3 years, used to go to the tanning salon for that sun-kissed look. About 7 months ago I stopped going due to a surgery I had and the healing process. About 5 months ago, as I was loosing my "tanned look" I noticed blotchiness and spidery veins on my cheeks and nose and a bluish tint to my nose. Nothing seemed to help so I started surfing the Internet to see what it could be. I think I have rosacea.
I purchased the Arnica Face Wash, the Soothing Gel Serum and the Mineral Makeup. Since purchasing the products about 3 weeks ago I have noticed my face is not as red and I don"t break out as much. I love the facial wash and the serum!

Kathy Fisher


I am very satisfied with the products I purchased through you. Thank you.



I will never have believed it, when I read about your Face Firming Complex. It is truly amazing. It does instantly tone and smooth the face. Even my pores look smaller. Do you ever have it on sale?



This comment is posted on in regards to Dr. Perricones product that is twice the price of ours. "Do not waste your money. There is a MUCH better product out there for half the price, ($40.00) to be exact. It is called "Face Firming Complex" by Skinrxclinic. And no I do not work for them. The website is My skin always looks 10 years younger when I use this. I will never stray from it again! "



I wanted you to know I received my microdermabrasion peel and that I thank you for your prompt attention. Your products are superb. I can"t imagine being without. The mineral makeup makes my skin look perfect and the peel is simply amazing. Please never stop making these products. I plan on trying a few other products of yours shortly as I have been thoroughly and completely satisfied with what I have received thus far. My daughter uses your products as well and we couldn"t be happier. Thanks again for your quick response.

N. Hegarty


SkinRxClinic you have my loyalty. My sons (15) face is looking so much better from using the Medicated Acne Wash and Pore Toner and Spot Treatment. He will look great for his homecoming dance in October. He is thrilled. You have made a difference...We thank you.

C. Davis


You are an amazing company. My rosacea is sooo much better after 1 week with the Arnica Wash, Soothing Gel Serum and Mineral Secrets Makeup. My daughter has acne, and she is using the Mineral Secrets as well. It hides the redness and at night, when we both take our makeup off, our skin looks redness. Amazing. I thank you. What other items do I need?

Kansas City


I am a professional esthetician and I just got your Glycolic Acid Peel 50%. I am impressed. Thank you for a reasonably priced product with such POWER!!! No chemicals, no perfumes....just perfect for my clients.

Azalea L.
Miami Fl


The Microdermabrasion Peel is divine. I really love it. I would like a larger size, for the shower. I am an entertainer, and I show a lot of skin. My body is silky smooth, and then I apply the St Tropez Tanning spray, Jennifer Lopez has nothing on me. Let me know if I can buy the Microdermabrasion Peel in a large size. By the way, the Glow Mineral Secrets Makeup is a winner too!

Ceilia S
Las Vegas, NV


Hello, I received my order today!!! FAST service. I absolutely love the compact and the pressed powder products - what a fabulous idea. I also ordered the 30% peel and my question concerns that and the microdermabrasion kit which I am going to order. How long after a peel do have to wait to begin the microdermabrasion? Also, can I use the Face Firming Complex after microdermabrasion?

Thanks for the quality products. The makeup is by far the best I"ve ever used. Got to change my three daughters, who use Bare Escentuals as I once did, to your products! No comparison!


I am thrilled with your Glycolic Acid Peel Kit! I cannot believe it is the same thing my Dr. Dermatologist uses. I am saving $60 every 2 weeks! That is what they charge at their office. Thank you thank you. Oh, and can I use it on the backs of my hands? I have toms of brown spots there.

Hendersonville, NC


The alpha Lipoic Acid Face Firming product is really, really great. I used Dr. Perricone for years, and I like yours better. I like the price of yours better than Dr. Perricones too!! I am getting the microdermabrasion peel today because my friend at work has yours and she said it is the best one she has tried. I guess yours has tons of the micrdermabrasion crystals. The one that I tried from Dermanew was greasy and had little crystals in it.

Jupiter Fl


I just wanted to send a note telling you how much I love your sensitive skincare line. For once, when products say they are non-irritating, they really are. I have extremely sensitive skin and all of the products that I am using in the Skin RX line do not cause any burning like I would get with virtually everything else I tried.I really love the sunblock, as this was always a problem for me. I love that it is non-greasy, as well. I also am now hooked on the Mineral Secrets line of cosmetics. Not only are they non-irritating, but my skin looks better than ever. I can"t believe how great the coverage is and my skin doesn"t get shiny during the day. It pretty much looks the same at the end of the day as it does when I first put it on. Thank you so much for making such quality products.

Delores S.


Finally, skin products and makeup that meet my needs at age 54. I have oily skin but yet I have to be concerned about the aging process. I have been using the Mineral Makeup, Glycolic Cleanser, Face Firming Complex and Microdermabrasion since last fall (plus several other products). I cannot imagine using liquid makeup ever again. The Loose Mineral Base is so light, yet still covers and does not cake (no lines!). I can actually touch my face without having my makeup come off on my fingers later on in the day. The undereye concealer blends right in and does not cake. The blush is light and blends so well using the pump brush (no lines!). The brushes are the BEST!!! The Firming Complex feels amazing without the high price! The Glycolic Cleanser cleans my face so well I don"t have to use Toner to collect any residue as with other cleansers. This cleanser is the absolute best! I have purchased the Glycolic Peel and have only used it once. I paid a fortune for several "peelings" at a local skin clinic (that I will no longer visit since discovering your web site!). People are shocked whenever I tell them my true age. Why lie?!



I love the new sun block you have. Advanced SPF 30. It is light and it works! I used it on my baby and no problems. She did not burn, or even get any color.

Louise Facilla


Thank you SkinRx! Fast delivery, great products. A lifetime that is. The ProMed Eye cream is very good. I absolutely love the effects of the Face Firming thing. I cannot believe how I put that on and then the Minerals Makeup. It looks sooooo good. I am impressed. The vitamins and anti-aging all in one product is amazing. It is saving me money from the Dr. Perricone I was spending so much on. I used it on the neck and upper chest when I went out the other night. Very nice look. It looked firmer. I am 56. Firm is a good thing. Oh and the Glow Pressed Powder and Spray Mist...too much of a good thing. I feel very when I use the Glow Powder and Mist. People ask me or tell me that I look great, or have I been on ca vacation.

Angela B


My childs" acne has cleared up rather well. Thanks to your Glycolic Peel and the Face Wash. We will take your advice and now get the Microdermabrasion Peel Scrub thing. Am I correct to understand that I need to do just 6 peels on him and then wait a month to do more? And I use the Microdermabrasion on him in between?

Helena G.


Thank you for making me a prettier gal. I am loving the microdermabrasion scrub and the Face Firming. What a difference. The Face Firming seems to last for most of the day..the firmness and look. I cannot believe how much better I look in just a week. Your shipping department is quick. So many web companies I order from will not ship until a week after I place my order. I hate that. Love your company. Glad I found y"all.

C Murphy


I would just like to say that I have never found a product that was worked for my face until this. I dont understand why you guys don"t do infomercials for this product. It seriously would take proactive out of business. Ive used the glycolic acid twice and literally don"t have a pimple after five years of persistent crap on my face. I really wish you could let the masses find this product because it does wonders, Thanks so much



Yes thank you for your prompt response. I love your products and I"m very happy with your customer service.



I have been using your rocasea products and mineral secrets for over a year, and I truly love them,They have helped my skin so much with that over 5o thing going on.

Faith Seigel
Westford, MA


Mineral Secrets! My new best friend. Thank you for a wonderful product that does just what your ad said it would. My skin has improved ( redness and acne) immensely. I am thrilled. The flocked sponge and luscious brush is simply divine. I tried Bare Minerals Essentials and Sheer Cover, and Youngblood. All of them were shiny. Very shiny. Not good for me. Something about yours is very very different. It is not shiny. Just a subtle glow. Love the Arnica cleanser and also the shammy cloth. Thanks a million. Great service too!


I am having good results with the Arnica Face Cleanser and Soothing Gel Serum. I want to try the mineral Secret Mineral Make-up that the people on the rosacea board are always talking about. What shade I need? I am red and caucasion. (Irish). By the way, your service is so fast. Thank you for the fast delivery. How refreshing that is. Most stuff I order on the web takes weeks.



Thank you thank a hundred times. My rosacea is soooooooooo under control. People have FINALLY stopped asking me if I have a sun burn!. It has been YEARS since that has been going on. I use the Arnica Cleanser, Soothing Gel, Skin Recovery and Cashmere Mineral Base. That is it! I was spending hundreds of dollars at the Dr. and the Mall. All of your stuff was just $100. I am so impressed. Thank you again.

L Davis
Cooperstown NY


I just had to write and give you a BIG thanks. I am SO GLAD that I discovered your company on the web about six months ago. You have saved me thousands of dollars. (I was contemplating laser resurfacing!) I"ve been using your 30% glycolic acid peels for several months now, initially every two weeks, but now weekly. My skin is smooth with no lines and has a glow that I thought would only come back with expensive laser resurfacing. I know for certain I"ve taken at least five years off my skin so far. I am 42 years old and have men in their twenties asking me out. No one believes I have a 19 year old son, who also uses the peels for acne (he"s tried several different prescriptions from the dermatologist and your 30% glycolic peels blow all of them away!) I just can"t thank you enough. I love your products. Wonderful service and online support when I have questions. THANK YOU!!!

A Very Happy Customer,
Jill J


Gracias, thank you, and everything else. My acne has never been so "under control". I look and feel fabulous. Thank you for Acne 911. I love the stuff. My son is going to get a set for college dorm. He tried it only once, but thought it would make a difference.

C Sryck


I found your site while web surfing.

I ordered and received the 30% gycolic acid peel kit, skin recovery creme, trial oatmeal mineral secrets base and porcelain powder. WOW, great stuff; I"ve spent thousands in the past 2 years at dermatologist and over the counter products for oily, ruddy, acne skin.

I had no problems with my skin as a teenager, but now as I approach my late 30"s, it was impossible to get rid of the acne. After 1 peel and using the skin recovery creme; BAM! all clear!

And I cannot believe the base; I"ve used EVERY makeup out there; I mean EVERY ONE; there are NONE that cater to olive skin. Every one made my face red, pink or orange while my neck was olive, I never looked natural. Those problems are gone now. THANKS!! Thank you so much for your products!

Claremore, OK


I am so pleased with my products. I purchased the 3 piece kit for brown spots. I have been using the products just as instructed and I am so shocked with in the first week my husband could tell a huge difference,I admit I was skeptical of whether or not I would see a difference. Thank you I feel so much better about my self now.



"WOW, YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!", said my husband after just one day of using your skin care products. This was after three months post-laser when I continually looked like Freddie Krueger. Although post-laser, I felt more like I had symptoms of rosacea. I was red under my eyes, blotchy on my cheeks, and after two months, started to have the pimples and bumbs. The redness would come and go, which was really depressing. I thought that I was healing, and then after exercising, NOPE, the redness and blotchiness would return.

I received your products on Thursday (two days after I ordered, great service!!). I used the cleanser, soothing gel, skin recovery cream, and then the mineral loose powder and the blush. For the first time in 3 months, I looked normal. That night, when I cleaned my face, the redness was already diminished, and the bumps seemed "dryer". I couldn"t believe the difference.

Today is Monday, after the long 4th of July weekend, four days after starting to use your products. First day back at work, and the first thing my office mates said when I walked into the coffee room was "WOW", look at your skin!!. I can"t believe the difference in such a short time. I will be reporting this to my plastic surgeon and his staff. Your products are G-R-E-A-T.

Thanks a million,
C Martin


Love that Microdermabrasion Peel1 It is so much better than the one I used prior. It had perfume and waxes etc... Yours leave my oily skin feeling like a smooth, hydrated, firm looking face. I love the way my make-up looks so much better. And my pores. A true miracle. Many thanks. Awesome delivery service btw.

F. Rasmussen


Just had to tell you how nice my skin looks after just 3 peels with the new 40%!. I am also using the Hydra Gel and I love it. Question...can I use the Pro-Med Retinal Face Cream too, like right after the peel. I have also gotten the Skin Lightening Complex, and it is really working great. The 2 large spots on my cheek are almost gone.

G. Davies


I just used your Glycolic Acid Peel (30% strength) for the first time, and it is wonderful! I noticed the difference in my skin after just one use. This feels like it works noticably BETTER than any peel I ever received from an aestitician. Boy, will this product save me money. Thank you so much for providing such a terrific product to the consumer.

A very happy customer in Glastonbury, CT


I"m writing to commend you on a fantastic product. I have oily, acne prone skin by nature, and recently I have been on Prednisone and the "mini-pill". Both of these have caused my skin to worsen. I have been using your product for the past six weeks, and I am really impressed. I have tried everything from Accutane (which effects wear off after usage is stopped) to Pro Active. I have always been very disappointed in the results. Your product has minimized my breakouts and my skin feels as soft as it did when I was a child. I"m getting ready to turn thirty, and I still get I.D. "d for alcohol. The store clerks are usually shocked when they see my age. Your product has restored the youthful appearance my skin used to have. I can"t believe the difference. I was on the fence about putting out more money on skin care, because it usually is just a waste. However, your products have really made me glad I took the risk. Thank you so much for both the Micro dermabrasion Solution and the Soothing Gel Serum. You have a lifelong customer in me.

Sunshine Anderson


I have to admit, and say so myself...your microdermabrasion peel kit does work. My scars, and discolorations form acne are fading ALOT. My family even noticed last weekend when I saw them. Actually, my skin is all over a bit lighter, (I am African American) which I like. I live in Orlando and get too dark from the sun. Now my face matches all of the rest of me. I am really happy. I look much better. My new job, (banking) is competitive, and I really want to look good, and healthy. (I am a male). So, again. Thanks for a great, and inexpensive Kit/Skin Care Peel.

Conrad W.
Orlando, Fl

I just wanted you to know that the Soothing Gel Serum with Vitamin K has helped my rosacea redness and irritation better than anything I have tried in a long time. I look and feel like I have a bad sunburn all the time. This gel tones down the iiritation and redness. I wish you offered it in a bigger size. I use it so sparingly because I don"t want to run out. I would love to be able to use it freely morning and night. I also have problems with most products irritating my allergies and eyes. This does not.

Charlotte D.
College Station, TX


I ordered the 30% Glycolic Acid Peel kit which arrived approximately two weeks ago. In that two week span, I have completed two peels, and I must say that the difference in my skin, in my opinion, is dramatic! I went to see my dermatologist today for another skin condition that I had had. Previously she had prescribed a bleaching agent for the some facial dark spots that I had. I never filled the prescription. Today, she may the comment that my skin looked brighter. I just smiled. I am looking forward to doing business with you again, and again, and again!!!! Thank you!

Yolanda Wilson
One Satisfied Customer!


Your customers are right (I found you on the AOL chat boards) about the Glycolic Peel Kit...and Mineral Secrets! What a company you are...all in one! So many terrific products in all. The pores on my face are tighter. The mineral makeup makes my face look like silk. And, best of all, people at work are asking me "what did you do?, You look great" Oh how those words bring music to my ears.

Thanks again
Barbara Davis


I am thrilled with your fast delivery and way too cool Microdermabrsaion Peel stuff. I tried Dermanew, but it was SOOOO oily and waxy. Great forl old ladies maybe, but not for my oily skin. Thanks. I look better. Feel better. My hubby sayd I should let you know that I am so thrilled, "cause he owns a business too, and says that it is nice to hear the GOOD stuff once in awhile.
PS The Sample of the Mineral Makeup is great. It makes my skin look clear and glow-y



I am doing so well with the rosacea cleanser and the Soothing Gel Serum. I really appreciate these products. I need a sun block now. Should I use the oil free with tint or without tint. Also, is my skin a candidate for the microdermabrasion home peel?

Alison Jasper


Thank you SkinRx. I am saving money and time (I have 3 kids) by NOT having to go to the Dr. for my peels. I hate waiting an hour for a 5 minute procedure. Waiting is annoying. I am upgrading to the 40% Glycolic this time.? Do you think I will have any problems? The 30% is good, but I want more!!

A Dickson


I appreciate the fast delivery and the emails with info. You are the fastest shippers yet. I am just starting to shop online, and I have not had good luck. However, your company has changed my attitude. Thanks for the great skin products!

Francine Miles


am doing well with the Rosacea Skin Products. The redness is much less. What more can I do to facilitate a lighter complexion? Under all the red, I have discovered I have sun damage. Now that the red is almost gone, it is really noticeable. The Mineral Makeup will be discussed by me on the message boards I go to. I have nothing but great things to say about it. Actually, when I take off the mineral makeup at night, my skin is not red at all. Amazing. Must be the zinc ?

Gigi Highlander


SkinRx you are a life saver. I feel so much better about my husbands blackhead problem. He never cared, but I did. The Glycolic Peel has really changed his skin. He looks younger too. I would like to know if I can use it too. I have normal skin with a little aging going on.

Camilla Seaford